Hot Mom Summer ~

I stayed active throughout my whole pregnancy. I truly felt blessed that my body allowed me to do so, as I realize that’s not always the case. Now what I will say is I thought I was going to be one of those girls who was going to gain around 20-30 pounds during my pregnancy. I gained 42 pounds. I almost feel unsure if I should share that with you because I would hate to trigger someone or make someone feel bad about themselves. Although I want to be open & transparent with you. With that being said I always get nervous because I’ve got called fat-phobic, along with other various rude comments saying how I have an unrealistic body type / I’m not helping other Women feel good about themselves. ( Side Note – I’ve never understood why it’s my job to make others feel good about themselves. A part of me wants to say that’s not my job, it’s yours. While the other sensitive side of me… btw I’m a really sensitive person… As I was saying the other side of me feels horrible that throughout my life I’ve unintentionally made other Women feel bad about their bodies. In my opinion I believe we should all be able to share our journey to self love. Whatever that looks like for you it’s valid. As we go through life our body is meant to change that’s something we all have in common. So don’t think you can’t relate to someone solely based on the fact that they don’t share the same body shape as you. I really don’t like putting Women’s bodies into categories… For example an unrealistic body type, a normal body type, a curvy body type, etc. My body is realistic & normal for me. Just like your body is realistic & normal for you. We aren’t a type. Sure we can have unrealistic expectations of how / what we want our bodies to look like. In that case we need to draw inwards to find peace in your whole being. To learn to genuinely be happy with who you are as a person. Anyway that’s my little rant. ) All I’m trying to do is share my own personal experience in hopes someone can relate to how I feel!

Once I had Dawson I felt so excited to get back into my fitness lifestyle when I was approved by my Doctor to workout again. I waited 6-8weeks before I did my first workout. Even yet, my first workout wasn’t my typical strength training I was used too. I just followed a random YouTube workout video. I placed expectations on myself to be motivated to get my strength back. When in reality it would take awhile. My Husband who has a personal training degree told me it would probably take six months for you to feel / look more like yourself. I remember rolling my eyes at him. But Brett was right. I’m now at the six month mark & I’m feeling back to normal. Well besides still breastfeeding! For the most part I feel like my body is almost mine again.

My workouts… haven’t been regular at all. I’m tired most days & have to really motivate myself to workout. Obviously my life has completely changed since having a baby! But I’m still struggling with the urge to want to have that fitness feeling. The kind of feeling you get from being at the gym & of course the after workout accomplishment. I will be honest & say that I feel like I’ve been making excuses. We’ve been living in my in-laws basement since I was 36 weeks pregnant because we sold our house. So we don’t really have the space to workout properly. Should that be an excuse? Probably not since all you really need is a yoga matt. Another one of my excuses is we don’t really have many weights to work with. Not your typical gym setup. That’s probably another bad excuse. Lastly, aesthetically speaking… the space we do have is cluttered with all the baby stuff & to be real with you I don’t feel inspired to workout in the space we are in. Which is another one of my invalid excuses. But I really enjoy a good gym setup. I love an organized & styled space. One of the more actually valid excuses is I don’t get much time to get a workout in. Well besides when Dawson is napping, which is currently. Right now I’m using this time to write this blog post. In conclusion I should stop with the excuses & make time to workout on the daily. It’s not like I haven’t worked out a couple times a week but I just haven’t felt how I used to feel when I was in the midst of my fitness lifestyle. I know I will get back into it but for now this is just a season in my life.

I’m still not my pre-pregnancy weight. Do I think I have to get back there? Not at all. My body will figure it out. Even though every time I go to the Doctors for Dawson he always asks about my weight. ( insert eye roll ) My body is naturally built to be on the leaner side. I don’t pride myself on being thin or a light weight. The reason why I fell in love with fitness is because of the overall lifestyle of it. I enjoy being strong, It’s amazing to be able to sculpt your body to look its best, & in return / the most important part is how you feel. I felt proud of my hard work. Health wise I felt so good!

One thing that I feel like truly helped my body after having a baby is walking. Which was hard during the Winter but as soon as the weather got nicer we would go on walks everyday. It actually got to a point where that was one of the only ways Dawson was able to nap. Some days I was walking 3 times a day. Which totalled over 10kms. It helped my body get into better shape which felt really good. At the same time I knew it wasn’t attainable to do everyday.

Something I’m beyond excited for is having a nicely set up home gym. In the new house we are going to have a room dedicated to a beautifully styled gym! It’s not a huge room but I’m really excited to create a space that we will feel motivated to be in. I’ll make sure to share more with you once the space is actually styled! I’m telling myself that I’m going to get back into my usual workouts once we move into the new house. It’s a goal of mine!

My advice to any Mama out there who is thinking about their post baby fitness journey. It takes time. Don’t focus on fitting back into your pre-pregnancy jeans. If you end up back in them great! If not, you are still worthy of being a hot Mom. So let’s start a “Hot Mom Summer” movement! You may be wondering what I mean by that. Have you heard about the “Hot Girl Summer” ? – Hot girl summer originates from the rapper Megan Thee Stallion, about feeling confident in who you are and having fun / looking good while doing it. You can also checkout multiple definitions on Urban Dictionary. I’m not personally a fan of Megan Thee Stallion but I enjoy the term “Hot Girl Summer.”

Mama’s let’s vow to ourselves to have a “Hot Mom Summer.” It isn’t just about the season. It’s all about the feeling. You just had a baby! This can apply to Mama’s who have been Mama’s for 1 year, 5 years, or 15 years. Whatever the number is, you deserve to feel confident in who you are! If your a new Mom I know how hard it can be to feel like yourself. So much in your life has changed & now your in charge of keeping your baby happy & well! It’s a lot! Especially when you have to take care of yourself too. Cheers to a “Hot Mom Summer” A time where you make some time for yourself. A moment where you look in the mirror & realize how bad ass your body is for bringing life into this world. A new goal that you want to accomplish & achieve. Whatever it is always remember how hot you are!


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