How to pick the perfect white ~ Top 5 Benjamin Moore whites

Swiss Coffee – Try this white at 75% – I can’t take credit for this colour as Studio McGee was a huge inspiration for my own house. We did Swiss Coffee at 75% on all our walls! It’s a really nice warm white. I’m personally super happy with how it looks.

Chantilly Lace – Isn’t this on every home bloggers list? Well there is a good reason why. It’s the perfect bright white! It works well on trim, doors, ceilings, & walls. Since it’s more of a pure white it can sometimes have a strong contrast against other neutral shades & colours. If you choose this shade make sure it works well with a modern, streamline aesthetic.

Decorator’s White – If you’re looking for white with a cool undertone. Decorators White is a great off-white option for you! It has a neutral colour tone on the scale of whites. Which will make it super easy to mix with other colour tones throughout your home. You can go wrong with this white!

Cloud White – This white is super soft & won’t give you a bold contrast. Overall Cloud White is a good warm shade with a yellow undertone. Warm whites are very trendy for 2021! It’s a great way to keep your space neutral all while adding in some warmth!

White Opulence – I haven’t seen this colour in person but there’s something about it that I just like. It’s apart of the Off White Colour Collection. White Opulence works great if you’re going for a calming, serene aesthetic! It’s very versatile, according to whatever look you’re going for. If you’re looking for a nice contrast try White Opulence on your walls & pair it with Chantilly Lace for your trim & ceiling!

Overall in my opinion, you can’t go wrong with any shade of white! Painting any room white is a great way to give you a fresh, clean space to style. It also allows you to add in so many colour options through furniture, artwork, & whatever finishes spark your fancy! I don’t think you’ll ever get sick of white walls. At least I don’t! You literally can’t go wrong with neutrals!

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