man of honour ~

It was such a special moment for me to have my Brother be my man of honour at my wedding! ⠀

Daniel was probably wondering why the heck he had to hold my flowers. But it’s a moment I will always remember!⠀

Throughout Daniels life we have come in contact with people who just don’t get Daniel. People who think his life isn’t worth the same as someone who can walk & talk. People who think Daniel being different is the result of vaccines. People who have told my parents to just put him in a home because they are under too much stress & it’s too hard to care for Daniel. ⠀

If I’m being honest these comments boil our blood. The reality of having a special needs child or sibling is something few experience & it’s true if you’ve never gone through it there’s no way you could get it. But to go as far as thinking Daniels life isn’t worth the same or telling my family to just put him in a home because it’s too hard is just unthinkable to me. ⠀

God made Daniel perfectly the way he is! All special needs people for that matter! Sure, I’d love for Daniel to walk & talk so I could have a normal sibling experience. But the reality is Daniel was made the way he is for a greater plan & purpose! The joy he brings my family is beyond anything I could ever explain to you. Yes, caring for Daniel is stressful & hard. It would be similar to caring for a new born baby. Although for most that’s just a season. For Daniel it’s been a 27 year season & counting.⠀

Everyone can dwell on life not going the way they planned. But I know that God gave us Daniel because he knew we would be the perfect family for this life. My love for my Brother is a God given love! I’m so thankful to be apart of my family even though it gets hard. I’m not the type to give up!


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