My Top 5 Places To Shop For Baby Boy ~

Shop Dawson’s Look – Text T-ShirtPique ShortsNike Blazer Mid ’77

Shop The Photo – Plush Striped Shorts , “Sunday Surf” Shirt , Sage Sleeper , 3 Pack Sweatshirts , Tracksuit Set , Sandals

My Top 5 Places To Shop For Baby Boy – Happy Shopping!

PETITE NORDIQUE BOUTIQUE – Shop Local! I genuinely love supporting Petite Nordique Boutique. They carry a wide range of trendy & useful products for baby / kids. I always checkout what they have to offer before I shop anywhere else!

ZARA – Probably my favourite place to shop to get cute boys clothing! They have a great selection of styles / colours. For reasonable prices! It’s honestly so great to get those stylish pieces without breaking the bank.

GAP CANADA – I’ve purchased a decent amount at Gap! Surprisingly they do have some cute pieces & I love that they almost always have some sort of sale going on. Especially since babies grow pretty quickly!

OLD NAVY – Not my fav but I wanted to include it. Gap & Old Navy are basically the same but I feel like Old Navy doesn’t have as many cute pieces. I have picked up the odd cute onesie or outfit! But what’s great is you can checkout Gap / Old Navy & it all goes in one convenient checkout experience!

H&M KIDS – A lot of the cute stuff sells out so fast! You do have to be quick. I don’t buy everything here but it is a great place to pick up some pieces here & there!

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