Skincare Favourites ~

MOISTURIZER – Here are two of my favourite moisturizers! I really enjoy using the Mangosteen Gel Moisturizer because it’s light & refreshing for Summer. All while being super moisturizing. It always soaks into your skin giving you a matte finish, which is great for applying makeup over top! The Calm Skin Chamomile Moisturizer is a great one for sensitive skin. It is a heavier moisturizer but it really helps relieve redness & calm you skin. I personally used this one as a Winter moisturizer & in the Summer I use it as a night cream! I have also used the Stone Crop Moisturizer & it’s also really nice.

MASQUE – One of my favourite masques is the Snow Mushroom & Reishi Masque. The clay ingredient removes impurities in the skin, while it firms & reveals a healthy complexion. It really does leave your skin feeling amazing! I’ve even used this as an over might masque as well. It seriously leaves your skin feeling soft & refreshed!

EYE CREAM – The Snow Mushroom Moisture Cloud Eye Cream is another favourite of mine! I’ve been using this eye cream since 2019 & just recently had to purchase another one. In my opinion it’s definitely worth the price considering it lasted so long! It’s a super moisturizing formula that smoothes roughness & decreases puffiness. This stuff really does work!

FACIAL OIL – The Facial Recovery Oil is literally a spa in a bottle! I currently don’t have any left but it’s something I’d recommend because it’s helped calm down all my skin irritations whenever they come up. It’s made for all skin types & helps with sensitive / aging skin! For me personally this is an extra add on into my skincare routine. It’s not something I use on the daily because I try & keep my daily skincare routine reasonably priced. Although I do really miss this product!

EXFOLIANT – The Strawberry Rhubarb Dermafoliant is gentle on my sensitive skin! This is another Eminence product that will last you. It feels so nice on the skin & you can really tell it’s working to remove those dead skin cells! Leaving your skin feeling super soft & fresh! A definite must have in your skincare routine.

TONER – The Stone Crop Hydrating Mist feels so refreshing & really moisturizing! It has stone crop juice which is hydrating, & healing. Lavender promotes the restoration of skin. Plus is calming for any irritation. Jasmine nourishes the skin with vitamin C & P. While also supplying the skin with carotenoids. All these ingredients put together make for one super beneficial mist!

If you are in the local area, I would encourage you to checkout Nourish Boutique Spa! They sell a wide range of Eminence products for in person shopping. The staff are super helpful at answering any questions too! I would also recommend to treat yourself to one of Nourish Boutique Spa’s amazing facials! ( CLICK HERE ) They use all Eminence products so it’s a great way to relax & test them out before you make a purchase. I had the Stone Crop Organic Detoxifying Facial & let me tell you it was absolutely amazing! After that experience I ended up switching my whole skincare routine over to Eminence products. If you are more of an online shopper make sure to checkout Radiance Clean Beauty which is basically like a Sister brand to Nourish Boutique Spa! I can not say enough good things about Nourish Boutique Spa & Radiance Clean Beauty! Eminence Organics creates really amazing products & I love that they have a wide range to choose from. That way you can play around according to skin concerns, changing seasons, or just to try something new!

If you’re outside the local area here’s the link to the Eminence website where you can search for local shops in your area that carry these luxurious organic products! ( CLICK HERE )

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