How To Become Your Own Home Stylist ~

Since I’ve been sharing our home renovations over on Instagram. I’ve received a lot of questions on how I style my home without help from an interior designer. Some have even message me asking if I’d style their home! Honestly, I’m flattered. I do enjoy styling my home. My Mother-in-law says that it’s my calling & that I should be an interior designer. To be real with you I’m not sure if I would be any good styling other peoples homes. It’s something I’m good at doing for myself because I know what I like, neutrals! But I question my self taught skill if I were to call myself an interior designer. With that being said I wanted to share with you my process on how I style my home.

Step 1 – Get inspired! Go on Pinterest or Instagram!

Step 2 – Figure out your colour palette. Neutrals is where I personally excel at! If you’re more of a colour person then find some inspiration on how you want to add your favourite colours in your space.

Step 3 – Find your bigger pieces. If you’re doing a full renovation start with your flooring, kitchen cabinets / counter tops or bathroom vanities, paint colours, etc… Then move onto couches, large storage pieces, accent chairs, ottomans, & rugs. Start off by shopping your own house to use pieces you already have or pieces you can repurpose / refinish. Once you’ve established what you need / want to buy for your space, start the search! Most of the time I start by looking on Kijiji or Facebook Marketplace. Type in brand name furniture like Crate and Barrel, Restoration Hardware, West Elm, Pottery Barn, EQ3, etc… Sometimes you’ll find some really nice used pieces that you typically may not want to blow your budget on! One of my other favourite categories to search for is MCM Furniture. I’m personally really into the Mid Century Modern vibe. My Husband and I have found some really good MCM chairs, dressers, media units, that way. Go follow some furniture accounts on Instagram, one of my personal favourites is @haldimand_vintage She refinishes furniture pieces so beautifully! It’s also a great way to support local!

Step 4 – Once you’ve got a collection of all your finishes & big furniture items you’ll then have to decide on metal finishes. On a bigger renovation this could be kitchen cabinet knobs / pulls, the same goes for bathroom vanities / bath & shower faucets etc. Are you going to go for brushed gold, brass, chrome, nickel, brushed nickel, or black? Maybe a mixture of metals. I decided to do a mixture of brass & chrome in my bathrooms. For a smaller product maybe you might decide to update your hardware finishes to more stylish fixtures. Next you want to think about lighting. Lighting can make a huge impact on your space! Swap out your old island lighting for an updated design. If you’re only changing up small accents in your space just to give your home a fresh new look this can also apply to coffee or side tables, decor items, wall accents like artwork or mirrors. Anything that can have a metal finish. I love adding metal finishes into a space! It can bring so much warmth & character if you go with a brushed gold, brass, or nickel finish. If you decide to go with chrome it’s a great way to bring shine & interest into your home. In my opinion you can’t go wrong with adding metals into your space because they never go out of style. Sure, one maybe more trendy than the other but they tend to weave in & out of the home decor / style trends!

Step 5 – How are you going to ground your space? In my home I decided to do black accents. I want my home to have a light & airy feel, while being grounded with a dark shade. In our space we decided to change out all the door knobs / hinges to clean black knobs. In two of our bathrooms I chose mirrors with matte black boarders. Throughout my home I will be adding black accents through picture frames, small home decor items, & some small furniture pieces. For example in my kitchen we have open shelving so I’m planning on styling those shelves with various decor items. In particular I have a cookbook that has a black spine. SO that’s something I’m planning on incorporating into my styled shelves.

Step 6 – TEXTURES! What type of fabrics are you going to have in your space? If you are into neutral styling like myself. Then this is something you can decide on at any point in your styling process. Although if you plan to do a bold colour or pattern you may want to consider this step a little earlier on in your styling process. Textures can also apply to anything you add into your space that has some sort of pattern or texture. The type of things that give your space some much needed style & character!

( Above is what I’ve put together for our upstairs tv area – I’ve linked the everything I could find links for – CLICK TO SHOP – Couch , Ottoman , Flooring , Side Tables , Pillow 1 , Pillow 2 , Pillow 3 , Pillow 4 , Pillow 5 . )

Once I’ve decided on the majority of my finishes, I then play around with a mode board for the space I’m styling. You can do this via or if you have a MacBook you can use pages! Basically what you want to do is take screenshots of the furniture pieces you’ve purchased, big finishes like flooring, wall colours, etc… From there you want to build upon your design by adding accent pieces you’d like in your space. I did this for everyone of my rooms & it really helps you get a good idea of the overall vibe. You may find some of the accents you were loving don’t actually work in your space. When you get the hang of the process it is actually really easy! I really love the designing process.

Now you maybe overwhelmed with all this information coming at you! But trust me when I say once you break it down into steps & complete each of them according to what order works best for you / your space. It’s not as overwhelming as you think! In the end you’ll have a beautiful designed space that you styled!


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