Baby Essentials ~

Baby products that I have actually used & personally have found very helpful! When I was pregnant I found it challenging to really know what we would actually use & need once baby was here. I didn’t just want to buy too much but I also didn’t want to be unprepared or buy too little. So we actually waited on buying somethings until Dawson made his debut! Thank goodness for fast shipping!

Baby Bjorn Bouncer – We have used this bouncer pretty well everyday. I will admit it is pricey but we found one brand new on FB market place ( or you could look on Kijiji ) for a reasonable price! What’s nice about having a bouncer is it’s somewhere to put baby when you need a break. It’s also entertaining for them if they enjoy the bouncing motion. The Baby Bjorn is super easy to pack up which is great if you are going to a friends or family members house & want to bring something to put baby in!

Baby Carrier – I got the Infantino Baby Carrier from a friend. I also have the Beluga Baby Wrap. I’ve been using the Infantino baby carrier more lately just because I find it really easy to clip into. The Beluga baby wrap is really nice as well but I just have to get used to putting it on because it’s a little more complicated. Not in a bad way! I would recommend both carriers & you can choose based on which style you think you’ll prefer.

Halo DreamNest – Again I found this pack’n play via Facebook Marketplace! It was brand new in the box & we got it for $150. Decent savings! This pack’n play is honestly amazing. It has a rocking feature that has been working really well to sooth baby to sleep. We just set up his pack’n play in the living room so we have a safe place for him to nap during the day. All while getting him used to being in the pack’n play! It’s been working great so far.

Wooden Play Gym – I purchased mine from which is my favourite local baby & children’s shop! You should totally check them out! What I like about this play gym is the aesthetic of it but also the function. It’s nice because you can attach other toys & things to stimulate baby! I purchased some stroller toys that had clips on them. ( like this stroller toy ) Making the toys easy to attach to the play gym. The Wooden Play Gym is not only pretty but functional! It’s something that we use everyday!

Baby Mirror – To be real with you, I was drawn to toys that were aesthetically pleasing. I don’t enjoy toys that are full of too many colours. Although I do realize that colourful toys are good for baby’s development! The toys I did pick out had a really nice look to them all while having colours. Am I weird for saying that I care about aesthetics for baby? LOL

Soft Block Colour Toy – Dawson really loves this toy! It fits perfectly in-between the legs of the wooden play gym. The elephant ears are made out of that crinkle fabric so he enjoys hitting them with his arms! Again it has nice colours / high contrast images.

Baby Einstein Toy – You need to have a good light up toy! Babies really love to watch the lights. Dawson really enjoys this one! It plays music while the lights flash. It has a couple different modes to learn colours & animals. This toy can grow with him!

Baby Change Pad – We don’t have a change table. The only way we would have one is if we had an actual nursery. But even yet I would probably use this change pad on top of a cute dresser! For me it’s been easy to change him on this change pad that we just keep on the couch. During the night I just change him on our bed with a cloth change pad underneath him. I personally find it to be really functional & easy. I’m not sure I would actually bring him to his room & put him on his change area just to change his diaper during the day especially. I could see using it more at night once he is sleeping in his own room. I’m sure this is a personal preference! I know when I ask my fellow Mama’s on instagram a lot of you said I wouldn’t want to change him on the couch, bed, or ground. Especially right after birth since you’re pretty sore down there! Which is true, you are sore! But It still worked to change him on the couch on this change pad. That way I don’t have to get up & walk him to a change table! It’s also a great way to save money & you can always purchase one if you feel you need it. Here are the Change Pad Covers I got & the Changing Pad Liners.

Flannel Receiving Blanket – I purchased these blankets because they match the hospital blankets. In the beginning we tried to swaddle Dawson in a blanket but we were struggling to get him all snug! So I thought if I got the same blankets they have in the hospital maybe that would work since the nurses swaddle baby so easily & nicely. Well… that didn’t work! We ended up using a Velcro swaddle which was so much easier! At first we though the blankets were a waste but now we use them everyday as burp clothes or to clean up spit up. They are just a good all around blanket to swaddle baby in or clean up baby spit up messes.

Snuggle Me Organic – Dawson really likes the Snuggle Me Organic. For us it’s been great to be able to put him in it while we are sitting on the couch watching tv. He takes some of his day naps in it! There’s mix reviews, some babies don’t care for the snug feeling & others love it. I put this item on my baby registry & one of our friends ended up purchasing it for us. Otherwise I probably would of found a good second hand Snuggle Me Organic via Facebook Marketplace!

Sound Machine – This sound machine was gifted to us & it works really well! We use it every night! I like that it’s more of a natural sound like a fan noise. So far he’s been an easy sleeper but I think he enjoys having white noise in the room! We don’t have the machine next to him like you probably would in a typical nursery set up. It’s on a shelf across the room. I’m curious to once we get in our own place ( if you don’t know we sold our house back in September & moved into my in-laws at the end of October before baby was born. I was 36 weeks pregnant! It honestly worked out so perfectly because little did I know I went into labour 38 weeks + 3 days. Good thing I didn’t go into labour while we were moving! Could you imagine!? ) Anyway.. I’m curious to whether he would prefer the noise machine closer to him. But as of now he sleeps really well so we have no issues!

Zipper Onesies – It is true when they say zipper onesies are the best! Since we are home all the time because of Covid… all he wears are onesies. I’ve actually had to put him in the few cute outfits I got him so I don’t feel like they’ve gone to waste. Here’s some brand that I’ve been loving!

  • Kyte Baby – The fabric is super soft. Yes, they are pricey but it’s nice to have one or two!
  • Zippy Jamz – These ones are awesome because they have two different zippers & they make diaper changes really easy!
  • Mebie Baby – I just love this brand in general. Aesthetically it speaks to me! All their colours are neutral so they are great for a boy or girl.

With most of my onesies I’ve tried purchased most of them in colours that are gender neutral so if & when we have baby number 2 if we have a girl we can reuse what we’ve already purchased.

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