100 nights of Endy ~

This mattress is the perfect combination between firm & soft! No seriously, I’m a side sleeper & my Husband is more of a tummy sleeper & we both found this mattress to be equally comfortable. Especially for our individual sleeping needs!

I remember when we bought our first bed together. How romantic! We went to the store, laid down on a bunch of mattresses trying to figure out what was actually going to work for us. To be honest we had no clue! We ask the sales associate, “How do you pick the perfect mattress?!” He said because my Husband was a tummy sleeper that he needed a firmer mattress so his spine would be properly aligned. Since I was a side sleeper I technically could get away with any mattress. To the sales associates knowledge at least. That’s what we were told.

When we were testing out all those mattresses I loved the ones that were super soft like a cloud! But my Husband didn’t find them as comfortable since they didn’t have enough support for him. I jokingly made the comment, “Does mattress shopping break up a lot of couples.” We ended up going with a medium firm mattress & that’s what we have been sleeping on for the past 3 years.

Let me tell you, it would have been a lot easier just to order an Endy! This mattress is proudly made in Canada! You know I’m a lover of supporting local Canadian brands + businesses.

Each layer of the Endy mattress is well thought out. Especially for the changing seasons in Canada. Which is something we don’t often think of when shopping for a mattress. Having a sleeping surface that’s breathable is a must! The Endy mattress has reduce motion transfer technology build right into it. In my opinion it’s another must have! When either of us move around, the movement doesn’t disturb the other. Therefore giving each of us the most well rested sleep possible!

If you need more reasons to purchase an Endy mattress here they are –

  • A true 100 night at home trial.
  • It’s made out of non-toxic + latex free materials.
  • Fast & easy shipping.
  • Reduces pressure points.
  • Keeps you cool as a cucumber!
  • Voted #1 most trusted.

I also wanted to mention the reviews are impeccable! The Endy mattress got a 4.9 star review rating out of 17,000 reviews. Which is honestly amazing!


My Husband & I have been really enjoying getting a better nights rest on our Endy mattress! This mattress really does have enough support & softness for our individual sleep needs. Trust me that’s hard to find in one mattress! It’s so comfy that once we move into a larger home I’m thinking we need to furnish all the beds with an Endy mattress because it’s THAT good!

We have also been loving our Endy pillows. Both of us were struggling to find a good quality comfy pillow that would last & not get clumpy over time! Thankfully we found Endy! They claim to have the all in one perfect pillow & it’s true. What I love is they are fully customizable. The pillow is filled with shredded foam that you can take out or put in according to what kind of pillow height, thickness, & comfiness you like! Their pillows are also hypoallergenic & are backed up by a 3 year limited warranty. We can finally stop wasting our money searching for good quality pillows! Thanks to Endy!

I was gifted this mattress by Endy but honestly this mattress was such a blessing! Being 7 months pregnant at the time of receiving this comfy mattress it helped me get a better nights rest.

Since having baby Dawson our sleep schedules are not like they used to be! With our Endy mattress the sleep we do get is quality. I feel like it’s really helped my postpartum experience.

If you are interested in trying out Endy for yourself you can – CLICK HERE TO SHOP –

I am so grateful to Endy! I really enjoyed this partnership.

Thank you Endy!


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