A natural clean home ~

When I came across The Bare Home on Instagram, I instantly fell in love with their products. Made in Canada, Sustainable, Natural clean ingredients, & aesthetically pleasing! What more could you want?

Generally I do enjoy cleaning! We’ve been transitioning over to more natural safe cleaners. Now being pregnant it’s even more important for me to clean our home with safe products.

My first thoughts – I’m already in love! I can’t wait to use these natural home products to see how well they actually work. I enjoy the aesthetic of the packaging. You wouldn’t think that it important when it comes to home cleaning products but in my opinion it definitely adds to the experience of cleaning! Plus they just look good displayed in your kitchen, laundry room, or bathroom. The bottles are glass & you can purchase a 3 litre refill box which fills their 500ml glass bottles 6 times! This is a great way to reduce the amount of plastic in your home by reusing the product packaging as many times possible.

Disclaimer… I don’t claim to be a person who is environmentally obsessed. Not that there is anything wrong with being passionate about that. Don’t get me wrong I do my part but I’m reasonable with it. I personally love finding Canadian brands / businesses that I connect with. That offer good quality clean products with good ingredients! Or just good quality products depending on what I’m buying.

Cleaning w/ Bare Home Products – I’m really excited about the Lemon Tea Tree All Purpose Cleaner!! This stuff smells amazing & can be used on stainless steel, countertops, sealed Granite + Marble, floors, glass, mirrors + more! I may have already tried the all purpose cleaner on my granite countertops because I was too excited & couldn’t wait! LOL The spray bottle is really nice to use. If that matters to you. There’s nothing worse then using a spray bottle that doesn’t spray nice or breaks after the first couple of uses. This spray bottle is not only stylish but quality! My countertops are nice & clean! I had a feeling I would be super impressed with The Bare Home cleaning / home products. I will let you know how the all purpose cleaner works on mirror & glass. I feel like that’s the truest test!

Okay, I’m here to report that this Bare Home All Purpose Cleaner lives up to it’s name! I’ve cleaned all my mirrors with a beautiful streak free finish. I also tried this cleaner on my glass shower doors & they really are sparkling! In the past I’ve tried natural cleaners. But none have come even close to comparing to this Lemon Tea Tree All Purpose Cleaner & that’s my honest truth! Another bonus to this cleaner… a little goes a long way. I’m personally the type of cleaner that gets spray happy! I make sure to spray down all my surfaces with more sprays then I probably need. I really don’t know why I do this but I guess I’m just trying to make sure the surface is thoroughly clean. With the Lemon Tea Tree All Purpose Cleaner I have limited my happy spraying significantly!

I’ve also done the laundry with the Lavender & Sage Detergent ~ Oh my goodness this stuff smells amazing! It leaves your clothing clean without a harsh scent. It’s a hypoallergenic formula that’s even safe for cloth diapers. Plus it really does look great displayed in your laundry room! This product has a 5 star review & I can see why!

All of they products are biodegradable, phonate + dye free, & not tested on animals!







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4 responses to “A natural clean home ~”

  1. I love Canadian finds!!! Thanks for sharing


  2. really love this. thanks for sharing!


    1. Of course! I appreciate your comment!


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