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Fall pieces I would totally get if I wasn’t currently pregnant & spending my money on baby gear!

Caden Coat by Gentle Fawn – So this coat is seriously amazing! I personally really love Gentle Fawn because their styles are so timeless & easy to style. When I owned an online boutique Gentle Fawn was one of my best selling brands! The sizing is on point & each season they kill it with their basics, sweaters, & jackets.

Not sure what colour I want!

Quinn Jacket by Gentle Fawn – Here’s another good one! Although I would probably wear it as a cardigan on those super cold Winter days. Such a trendy pieces for this Fall / Winter season. I personally love the dusty sage colour!

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Kyleen Jacket by Gentle Fawn – Both links I gave you are currently sold out as I’m writing this blog post… Maybe they’ll do a re-stock? If not google the name of this jacket & I’m sure you’ll be able to find a shop that carries this gorgeous jacket. Yeah, I know… I’m wanting yet another jacket! But it’s just too good. Like the Quinn jacket I would totally style the Kyleen jacket as a cardigan in the colder months as they are more of a light Fall jacket.

Not sure what colour I want!

GIGI PIP by Shiloh Fedora – Okay, so I wish I was actually into hats. I love the look & the idea of them but probably would never put one on my head to go out & about. I’m not entirely sure… but I’m not willing to make the investment at this point. If you are a hat person I would totally recommend this hat! It’s so cute!

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Ryan Leopard Bootie – I love how these booties are kind fun but also totally neutral so you would be able to style them with many Fall outfits! If you are in need of a bootie you should check this pair out. I have a feeling they would look so good with a pair of black denim, sometime of band tee, an oversized cardigan, & some gold jewelry!

Filip Bootie – If you’re looking for a super sleek bootie here’s a good one for you! You can’t go wrong with a black bootie as it literally goes with any Fall outfit. I like this pair because the heel gives you some height, all while still being able to comfortably walk in them.

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Chrissie Long Plaid Jacket – Ummm hello! What about this statement jacket! Okay, so clearly I’m wanting those good staple Fall pieces like jackets & booties… But this one is just a must have! Especially if you’re into neutrals & plaid.

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Tucker Sweater by Gentle Fawn – This style comes out every Fall / Winter season because it’s just THAT good! It’s true it really is. When I owned an online shop I always ordered a bunch of these in every colour & they always sold out! Overall it’s just a good style for many different body types & the price point is on point for a cozy sweater that you’ll get so much wear out of. I personally always go for neutrals so I would buy the heather birch grey!

Which colour would you pick?

Mayer Pullover by Gentle Fawn – Ouuu I’m loving this one! It’s a neutral but has a subtle rainbow fleck in the knit. How cool! You seriously can’t go wrong with a couple new sweaters for the Fall / Winter season. Especially Gentle Fawn! If you take care of these sweaters they will last you for many seasons. I just love Gentle Fawn so much. Like so much that I would open up an online shop just so I could carry Gentle Fawn!

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As you can see I love neutrals & good staple pieces! I’m going to stop here for this post as I feel like it gives you a lot to think about. I’d love to know if any of you purchased these recommendations! Let’s chat about it via @jessmarriette – 👈🏼 Click to follow me on Instagram!

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