G.H.Hurt & Son –

When G.H.Hurt & Son reached out to me for this collaboration I was beyond thrilled! This traditional lace knitwear company is based in Nottingham, UK. They have been creating their luxury lace knitwear since 1912. G.H.Hurt & Son is a truly inspirational company.

One of G.H.Hurt & Son’s shawls have been seen on baby Archie. If you live under a rock he is a Royal baby! But he wasn’t the first to make his Royal debut in one of these traditional lace knitwear shawls. The company made a shawl for Prince Charles when he was born in 1948. As well for Prince William and all of his children.

G.H.Hurt & Son has a tradition over 70 years with the Royal Family. I feel so honoured to have picked out a gorgeous keep sake for our Son! It’s truly special!

I picked out the Nottingham Lace Knitted Baby Shawl , made out of super fine merino wool. Which is actually one of their best selling baby shawls since 1984. They use the softest yarns which originate from the famous Australian merino sheep. I personally really like merino wool for it’s warmth & breathability. It will be perfect to swaddle a November baby in! I love how it’s gender neutral so I can use this shawl for another future baby. They also carry pink, blue, & more neutral colours like grey & beige. There’s many different styles at different price points, so you have lots to choose from!

Click photo to shop!

The heritage of this company is very fascinating. George Henry Hurt, Grandfather of Henry Hurt, they’re present managing directer. Established G.H.Hurt & Son, and began business in an old seed warehouse that was build in 1781. This company still remains on that exact site to this present day.

G.H.Hurt & Son, was known for their knit striped mohair scarves and lace fabric for lace flapper dresses. This was in 1920 to suit that fashion era. Throughout generations G.H.Hurt & Son created beautiful lace creations to suit the changing fashion era’s.

Presently they have adjusted to the modern times by introducing online shopping to their extensive portfolio. G.H. Hurt & Son have stayed true to their traditional patterns, all while continually innovating to stay relevant to the present time.

The history of this company is truly impeccable! I really admire how they’ve continually adapted to the changing fashion era’s. All while still being relevant in today’s modern day! I cannot wait to wrap our baby Boy in this gorgeous shawl.

If anyone in your life is expecting this would make such a special gift! All the way from Nottingham!


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