2nd Trimester update –

We made it to the 2nd trimester! Woo-hoo! For me it felt like an amazing accomplishment since I experienced a miscarriage the first time around.

14 weeks – It is true when they say you feel more like yourself in the 2nd trimester! I got more energy & almost forgot I was pregnant at random times. I had a monthly doctors appointment and heart the heartbeat with a doppler. Which was so cool considering it was my first time! Every new experience this whole pregnancy has made me proud & thankful that I’m hitting these pregnancy milestones.

15 – 17 weeks – During week 15, I sometimes experienced a dull headache but thankfully it never got bad. Overall I felt good! Once I hit week 16 I was in my 4th month of pregnancy & baby is the size of an avocado! Apparently the baby can hear my voice now, which is pretty neat! Week 17 not much has changed symptom wise. I’ve been able to workout throughout this whole pregnancy. Definitely more motivated during my 2nd trimester so my workouts have been consistent! Toward the end of my 17th week I swear I felt the baby. Apparently you’re suppose to feel flutters but It felt like an actual kick. To the point where I could push on my stomach & sometimes after I did that I would feel a little kick back! With that being said for whatever reason it’s hard to know for sure. I guess it is because this experience is so new to me. So I’m almost questioning myself when I feel movement!

18 – 20 weeks – I felt pretty normal throughout these weeks of pregnancy! Around we 18 I was sure I was feeling baby move around in there. During week 19 we had our anatomy scan which was such an amazing experience. It was so satisfying hearing that the baby is developing healthy & on track! We also found out that we are having a BOY!!! Although we have questioned it a little because we didn’t see any obvious signs it was a boy but the doctor seemed very sure as he said it multiple times throughout the scan.

21-23 weeks – Went on a cottage vacay & hit the 21 week mark! My Husband felt our baby boy kick for the first time. Which was a special moment! I also enjoyed letting my bump out in a bikini! I’ve been feeling good & confident in my growing body & for that I’m so thankful!

24 – 27 weeks – Belly is growing & Mama is still feeling good! I’ve been able to continue working out, which has been nice. I had to do my glucose test earlier then expected. At my last doctors appointment he noticed sugar in my pee. Honestly, the glucose test wasn’t that bad at all. The worst part was the fact that I had to wait in my car for an hour because of Covid. I thought I would be able to go home in between but that wasn’t the case! Thankfully my test results came back normal & clear!

I’m beyond thankful that my second trimester was a really good one. Throughout all the stages of my pregnancy I’ve been making sure to stay positive, calm, & reminding myself how truly blessed I am!


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