Uncle Daniel ~

Uncle Daniel ~

I’m beyond excited to see how my Brother Daniel responds to being an Uncle! I can’t wait to see the bond that our son will have with Daniel. ⠀

I also think having an Uncle with special needs will teach our children some valuable life lessons. I know how having a special needs sibling has effected me & luckily it’s been a positive experience! ⠀

With that being said life is way harder. Since I’ve been pregnant & don’t know what it’s like to be a Mom. I have received a lot of advise! Which has been great. Although I will say that I think people truly forget that I have some in site to what it’s like caring for someone. I understand it may be a different feeling when it comes to your own child. But the actions are similar! ⠀

I’ve been following Daniels schedule my whole life. Packing his diaper bag. Changing his diapers since I was a kid. Taking care of him so my parents could get a break. I just wanted to help out wherever I could!⠀

Since a young girl I’ve seen the struggle that my parents have faced by having a child that doesn’t fit in the box what so ever! With that being said they never give up & always find a way. I consider my parents the ultimate parents! ⠀

The challenges they’ve faced & the sacrifices they’ve made are beyond anything my Husband & I are ever going to experience. ( most likely ) ⠀

This could be a bold statement. But in some ways I feel like I’m going to find Motherhood easy! Not easy in the kind of way that I think it will be no sweat. I’m fully expecting to be exhausted, overwhelmed, & stressed since this is a new experience. I’m going to have all the Mom feels! Even though you can’t really predict how you’re going to feel / handle it.⠀

Although, I feel like I won’t be able to complain because I’m always going to look up to the reality of my parents life with Daniel. Our child is going to go through seasons & stages. While Daniel has been in the diaper / “baby” stage for 27 years! 


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