through Daniel’s eyes ~

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to see the world through my Brother’s eyes. ⠀

I know he hasn’t had the privilege that most of us have had to walk on our two feet & be able to make our own decisions for our lives. That’s why we as a family want to do our best to give Daniel as many of the regular life experiences that we can!

People judge Daniel instantly. Some Don’t feel his life is worth the same as an abled bodied person. I personally could never understand that one. I get it. Daniel is different to most people. Not everyone is used to being around someone with special needs. But why judge them so harshly? The reality is, Daniel is just like you & me! He wants to be treated kindly. Don’t we all?

Many parents offer my parents their advice. I wonder what makes them feel qualified? When they have no clue what it’s like having a child that’s never been in the “typical box”. My parents have been told to put Daniel in a caregiving home since it’s too much on them & they have to live their lives too. I’ve actually been told a smilier thing. People think I need to focus on my own life, rather than being so intertwined with my families. People have also told my parents they are doing too much for him. This one is almost laughable. How can you do too much for a person who can’t do anything for themselves?

What people don’t realize is we are living our own lives. Daniel just plays a huge role in each of our lives because we want to make sure he’s getting the proper care. Not to mention he is apart of this family & trust this family has tried everything to alleviate the stress for my parents, the pain for Daniel, & whatever other areas that need improvement. When you’re a parent or sibling to a person who has special needs you never give up. You think outside the box. You go through the trenches during the stressful times.

With that being said… Daniel is truly the inspiration! He’s full of joy & love! Sure, sometimes he gets frustrated, sad, bored, & heck sometimes he’s in pain ( which honestly breaks my heart ) But he always ends up with a smile on his face! Even if we have to do whatever it takes just to make him smile. ⠀

Maybe we can learn from him ~ No matter what you experience in life, always find the smallest reason to smile! ⠀

Because that’s what Daniel would do!

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