my fav loungewear looks –

Here are some of my favourite lounge looks that will make you feel cute & less like a frump!

I recommend a cute matching lounge set! Aerie is a really good place to get loungewear. They have a whole loungewear sections on their website! I got the Sunwashed Desert Hoodie in the colour Strand & the Sunwashed Desert Jogger in Strand as well. I’m wearing a size XS in both the top & bottom.

Another lounge outfit I’ve been really into lately is an oversized graphic T or boyfriend style T, paired with biker shorts! This one shocked myself… I didn’t think I would enjoy this trend as much as I am. To be real with you I don’t really care for the whole biker short look BUT I purchased these super comfy ones from Aerie ( I’ve been shopping there a lot lately. ) The ones I purchased are super soft & oh so comfy!

In the photo above I’m wearing the Boyfriend Distressed Oversized T-shirt in a Small. It’s HUGE! I technically could of got an xs but I wanted to make sure the shirt was oversized enough to look right with biker shorts! I got this T in light heather grey + dark tan. These T’s are going to be so versatile in my wardrobe. You can wear them baggy or tie them to give you a couple different looks. The biker shorts I got are called the Highest-Rise Wide Waistband Bike Short – I really liked the grey colour & felt like they would go well with many different tops! I can’t get over how comfy they really are! Even if you despise the whole biker short trend. I still would recommend getting pair of these shorts just for around the house! Trust me you won’t regret it.

Depending on how hot is it often times I will lounge around in a causal comfy dress! The one pictured above I got a couple years ago at Aritzia. I have another one from Amuse Society ( back when I owned an online shop ) & I have another casual dress from Gentle Fawn.

If we are sticking with Aerie I would recommend the Easy Knit Midi Dress. I’m really loving the Tuscany Dress by Gentle Fawn. It comes in two colours. You may have to get a little creative when searching for Gentle Fawn pieces since they usually sell out pretty quickly. I literally just googled “Tuscany Dress Gentle Fawn Canada” Clicked through whatever came up to find a small shop to purchase from. Here’s one I found from Oak Clothing in Prince Edward County. I visited this shop on a little wine tasting trip my Husband & I took right after our wedding! Here’s another good option from Artizia – Community Sleeveless Dress in colour heather oatmeal.

My last loungewear suggestion is one we probably all do anyway but maybe your due for a refresh… Lululemon leggings! Honestly, my absolute favourite workout wear + lounge wear. I find the fit / styles are like no other! My collection is always growing. One of my favourite pairs specifically for lounging in is the Align Pant. I’ve worn them to workout at but I find they don’t wear well overtime so I specifically wear the Align Pant for lounging! If you’re really loving the biker short trend. They have the Align Short!

In all the outfits above I was newly pregnant. I am currently 26 weeks pregnant & could still wear all the looks above!


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