Nuda Canada – a self tanner review

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We were so excited to try this Canadian brand out for ourselves! It’s a tanning lotion which is different than what we are used to using, a tanning mouse. Tanning lotions are so easy to apply & we find more enjoyable as well. Since most of us get out of the shower & slather ourselves in moisturizer anyway, so this felt normal!

Here are some more great things about this product.

  • It’s made in Canada
  • Tan lasts for 5-7 days
  • Streak free and easy to apply
  • 100% vegan and 100% cruelty-free
  • Made without any minerals / paraben free

We also got to try their coffee scrub! OMG is smells so refreshing if you like the smell of coffee.

Jess – I really enjoyed using this tanning product since it’s more like a cream. Which I personally find is so much easier to create a streak free tan! Although I will say some of the other tanners I’ve used are easier to see where you’ve applied the product cause they will usually leave a dark residue & then you allow that to soak in / wash off. With Nuda it goes on exactly like a cream so you have to make sure you apply evenly! I just applied this tanning product exactly how you would a body lotion. I did do my best to use circular motions in hopes that would help the application in some way. You probably don’t even need to do that since I didn’t notice any streaking! It was super easy to apply!

We also tried to Coffee Body Scrub & I very much enjoyed the smell! It was pretty messy to apply in the shower but it did the trick to exfoliate my skin nicely. I’ve heard that’s the number one rule when it comes to self tanning. Make sure you exfoliate well!

Nuda Tanning Lotion is more of a gradual tan but one I really liked! It gave my skin such nice glow! Nuda Tanning Lotion was quick drying, nicely scented, & made in Canada. If you want more of a gradual tan look you can mix Nuda Tanning Lotion with your body lotion & that will give you a lighter application.

Overall I do prefer this over a tanning mouse. I don’t usually self tan often because I find it just another step I have to do! After I shower I keep it simple. I apply a body lotion to moisturize my skin, brush my hair, & sometimes I will apply a moisturizing product in my hair / let my hair air dry. That’s it! I love that Nuda Tanning Lotion is a tan & lotion in one! So it doesn’t feel like an extra step. But it will give you a really nice glow!

If you’re like me & don’t really want an extra step I would recommend this product!

We kindly got gifted these products from @barenatrualtan – THANK YOU! Visit her Instagram page for all her details. She offers tanning parties / does mobile spray tans in Kawartha + PTBO + Durham, ON region! We can’t wait to try a spray tan from @barenaturaltan 🙌🏽

@gracielovekin – We had big summer plans, weddings, trips across the world and all the fun things planned before Covid hit. We were excited to be able to shower and rub this cream in in a hurry and look fantastic all night long as it slowly processed. That’s what’s really nice about this self tanner, it goes on evenly and effortlessly.

The anxiety of rubbing in regular self tanners is stressful and written in big letters on the side of the box MAY STREAK IF NOT APPLIED PROPERLY, Nuda tan not only doesn’t mention that (but it’s certainly implied for all tinted creams/mousses) but they (and many online reviews) promote the products easy coverage. And it’s true!

Like Jess mentioned, we also received the coffee scented exfoliation scrub and it was not only a fantastic experience for my dry skin, but also for my senses. It smells truly fantastic and kinda woke me up a little. I used the scrub in the bath, so cleaning out the bottom of the tub, looked like I was cleaning out my coffee maker. It was definitely worth the mess, because Nuda recommends an good exfoliation before applying the self tanner for best results. And, they were right.

After applying and waiting the processing time, my tan was even and natural looking. It wasn’t shockingly obvious that I had put a self tanner on. One of my kids noticed my legs looked like “I had played in the sandbox” but no one else even noticed. I liked that, overall, it evened out my skin gave me a nice healthy glow.

I highly recommend this product for someone looking for a subtle and even tan – and who doesn’t have a lot of time to apply a darker shade and get it right. The scent of the tanning cream is light and there was no transferring of colour to my clothing or to my bed sheets. (I put this on after a bath in the evening).

What I also love about this product is that it is Canadian made, your tan lasts for about a week, it’s 100% vegan and paraben free. It’s also available in a mobile spray tan by our friend Brittany. She’s based in the Peterborough area but services Northumberland and Durham region. Get a group (smaller than 10, because Covid) and book a tanning party with her and get your glow on!

We thank her very much for the product and hope that when people and life gets back to normal, we can book her and show you just how easy it is to order and receive your spray tan in the comfort of your home!

Thanks Brittany!
Gracie + Jess

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