Style suggestions ~

Here’s what I’ve been purchasing lately & why I think you need these style staples in your wardrobe!

White Sneakers – If you don’t have a pair of white sneakers for this Spring / Summer season. I would recommend getting some! If you want the exact sneakers I purchased the D.A.T.E Sneakers from Sporting Life. My goal is to get out of my style comfort zone & style outfits that are not only comfortable but well put together. Typically I just through on a pair of light washed denim & I graphic tee. Not that there’s really anything wrong with that. There’s ways you can make a simple look like that more stylish. For example, with a fun pair of white sneakers & some gold jewelry. I don’t know why but it really does elevate the look!

Click photo to checkout their Instagram page

Wrap Skirt – This skirt was out of my comfort zone a little. I stick to neutrals mostly! For whatever reason I saw this skirt and fell in love. When am I going to wear a silky mid length skirt? Other then maybe, dressing up the odd time I do. Well I paired it with white sneakers and a cropped graphic tee! Added a gold necklace. . I’m pretty happy with how this look is styled. It’s also totally wearable for daily life! Another great thing about this skirt is, you can wear it as a dress. I love pieces that have so much versatility!

Click photo to shop the skirt!

Gold necklace – This necklace is by the brand Pilgrim Canada. If gold is not your thing silver will work too! This is my own personal style tip for anyone who wants to easily make their look stylish. Just add some simple on trend jewelry pieces to any relaxed look. It will instantly take it up a notch. You’ll look effortlessly styled!

Click photo to shop this necklace!

L Space – DRESSES. . Typically once it gets warm enough to wear shorts, my uniforms becomes a cute pair of denim shorts & a T-shirt! I’m pretty simple when it comes to my style. Especially in the Summer! BUT what I love about dresses, is they are so easy to throw on & you don’t have to do much. You instantly look put together! You didn’t have to waste much time in front of the mirror trying to pair different pieces together. To create a look that you feel good about. The dresses I wear on the daily are pretty casual but some of them you could dress up a little more! Below are two of my favourites that I can’t wait to rock this Summer!

Click photo to shop the dress!
Click photo to shop the dress!

Elate cosmetics powder – I don’t know about you. . But once the warmer weather hits my skin gets an “nice” oily shine to it. I swear by a good setting powder! I found this one at Nourish Boutique Spa! It’s all natural & good for your skin. Which is something I want to be more aware of since a lot of beauty products contain ingredients that can cause a whole whack of problems! No thank you!

Click photo to shop Elate Cosmetics at Nourish!

I hope you enjoyed my style suggestions! You don’t need to purchase these exact pieces. But I definitely think you should take inspo from these suggestions & put your own style twist on it! That what I personally love about fashion, is the fact that you can follow trends in your own way. A way that may suit your style better or in a way that will compliment your body! What have you been buying lately?


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