reusable period pads

So I don’t know why I decided to try these out. But I was genuinely curious! I got mine from this company called Hannah Pad.

Photo taken from their website

Here are my thoughts. . If you like them you’ll save money over the long run. All while saving the environment! Awesome! I like the feel of the fabric, it’s super soft. Surprisingly these reusable pads absorb liquid well. Which makes them even more comfortable to wear! They are easy to wash. I just rinse them with some mild soap & throw them in a gentle wash cycle. Then hang to dry! At first I was worried about the pads being stained but to be real with you mine are only lightly stained & not that bad at all! I just made sure to rise them with mild soap ASAP.

Photo from Hannah Pad

There are so many surprisingly positive reasons to try these readable period pads for yourself. I’ve been using them for over a couple months now & I’ve really only found one con! In my opinion they wouldn’t be great if you are out & about all day. It would be difficult to wash them in public or at a friends house if you had too. Unless you really prepared by bringing a plastic bag to store them in until you’re home. They offer different sizes which would accommodate different period flows / would be helpful if you know you’re going to be out most of the day. I never experienced any leaking with these pads so you probably wouldn’t have to worry much during the day, depending on your flow! If you strictly use a tampon for day use or a period cup I would recommend using Hannah Pad’s Panty Liner. They have so many different various, even a thong liner!

Random tip – If you are a gym goer or where a lot of leggings. A lot of women wear a thin panty liner to avoid camel toe! I have yet to try this. But Hannah Pads might be a great alternative. They would properly wick away sweat & keep everything dry! Thus giving your lady parts the optimal conditions to stay healthy / fresh!

Photo from Hannah Pad

Here’s some more benefits directly from their website –

Certified Organic Cotton: Our organic hannahpad cloth pads are certified by Control Union.

Unbleached & Undyed: No harmful chemicals in the fabrics.

Leak Proof & Breathable: Inside coating is made of high quality TPU which allows air to flow through while resisting water.

High Quality Snaps: High quality plastic snaps that minimize allergic reaction & are 100% recyclable.

“NEW” Non-Slip: Non-Slip silicone backing to minimize shifting!

Here’s some more reasons why you should consider switching to reusable pads. . .

Overall for me they work great! I do enjoying using these reusable pads but if I being completely honest the washing part is kind of annoying. I may try their Probiotic Soap that’s suppose to be a great way to clean your pads. With that being said they are super comfortable & soft! There’s so many benefits to using these reusable pads. Which is insane! So you really have to weigh the pro’s & con’s according to your lifestyle / what you feel comfortable with.

You can checkout more about the brand via their Instagram @thebrandhannah

Have you tried these reusable period pads? Or any other reusable period products?

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