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Lately I’ve been more conscious on what beauty products I am using / what’s in them! I’m a believer in moderation when it comes to skincare. Some all natural products may not be good for your skin, where as some dermatology based products may work for you!

Awhile ago I came across a beauty influencer talking about the Laura Mercier translucent setting powder. Which by the way was my holly grail powder I’ve used for awhile now to matte my face. The first ingredient is Talc & apparently that ingredient can be carcinogenic! NO THANK YOU!

So she ( @shannonbruno ) suggested a better alternative was the Perfect Setting Powder by Cover FX which gets Sephoras clean at Sephora stamp of approval! I’ll link in below if you’re interested in a good setting powder. I have been using it for a couple weeks now & I have no complaints!

SIDE NOTE – The Cover FX setting powder isn’t made with all natural ingredients. The Clean At Sephora just means that it’s free of a lot of unwanted ingredients. But I still thought I should put this on in the blog post because it’s what got me thinking more about what’s in my products! It comes in a couple of different shades.

If you’re looking for a completely natural setting powder I’d recommend the Veiled Elation Mattify powder. They have a couple options to choose from which is awesome. You can purchase this locally at Nourish Boutique Spa. I have yet to try out some of their other makeup products but I’m really excited to do so!

Another all natural product I feel like we don’t often think about is dry shampoo! I was using the batiste dry shampoo. I ended up trying a natural one by Wolf & Pine. A Canadian company I might add! I LOVE this stuff!! It smells good. . . has more benefits for your hair. . . I’ll list them below! & you get more product because it’s more of a baby powder application instead of an spray.

Photo from IG: by @r.heasman

Horsetail: High in silica, shown to increase thickness and promote hair growth

Rosemary: Antimicrobial agent. Has been shown to increase thickness of hair shaft.

Lavender: Increases thickness of hair. Gives a fresh and floral to unwashed hair.

Sounds amazing right?! For darker hair they recommend you putting it in before bed! I know there is another brand out there called Ativo and they have an all natural dry shampoo that’s for dark hair and even for red heads as well! I haven’t personally tried it but I’m sure it’s amazing!

I’m going to hit you with a headline that is pretty shocking –


Yes, you heard me! I don’t know about you but I have always tried to make the switch to natural deodorant and never had much luck until. . . I found this Canadian company called Routine Cream! They have so many different scent options, plus they have baking soda free ones too. Some people can be sensitive to baking soda if you didn’t know! My favourites are – Superstar, Cat Lady, Like A Boss, & Moon Sisters. All the smells are great but these are the ones I find myself using in rotation!

You apply the deodorant like a paste, which can take a bit to get used too! I used to sell it in my online shop and I’ve had no complaints about it not working. So many people agreed that it was the best natural deodorant they have ever tried! I feel like that’s saying a lot. But it’s true! In my opinion at least. . .

Another natural deodorant that works really well is one by Salt & Stone. I’ve been using it for a couple weeks now & I love everything about it! You can also checkout a blog post our brand photographer Sarrynotsorry wrote about her natural deodorant experience / recommendations! Click here to read. . . Quest For The Best: Natural Deodorant.

Here’s another good one! In The Pink Clay Mask by Wold & Pine Herbals! It’s an all natural clay mask. . . That’s great for dry / sensitive skin aka my skin! It smells great which is surprising for a clay mask & coconut milk, chamomile, lavender to name a few! When I had my online shop ( Shop The Authentic ) I sold this brand and I never had any complaints! They have a bunch of really great all natural products. I’ve tried The London Fog Body Whip which I love! The So Hip It Hurts Clay Mask. I’m just honestly really into their clay masks!

Photo from IG:

Here’s some facial oil’s that I really love by Ativo Skincare! The Miracle Facial Serum it has a 4.9 star rating. I also purchased the Glow Facial Oil because I couldn’t decided between the two. I absolutely love the way my skin feels after using both of these oils. If you’re curious about Ativo Skincare you can read my full review on the 4 Step Deluxe Skincare Package – Click here to read my full review – Ativo Skincare Review

Photo fron IG: @ativoskincare

I have also tried the Glacial Gel Overnight Mask & also really recommend this mask. The only downside is I find it is a little sticky when its fully dry. Which can make it tricky to sleep in. But with that being said it works really well. If you follow Ativo Skincare on Instagram the owner shows how the product works & gives you a lot of information on why the product was made. I came across Ativo Skincare when I owned my online shop ( Shop The Authentic ) & I have been following ever since! I decided to give their products a try. I love that they are made in Canada & I’m supporting a small business owner. I highly recommend this brand!

Another brand that I currently using for my skincare routine is Eminence Organics! I was introduced to this brand through Nourish Boutique Spa here locally in Cobourg, ON. I’m so thankful I found this brand since it’s become my all time favourite! The products are luxurious & they have a wide range of products for all different skin types / concerns! I totally recommend all there products since I can’t pick a favourite. If you’d like to see the products I currently use you can checkout my Skincare Routine I did on IGTV.

There are so many other natural skincare brands out there now. I wanted to share with you ones I’ve used & the ones I’m currently loving! If you ever have any good natural skincare product recommendations feel free to DM me via @jessmarriette


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