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( Photo by @matandsaraliketophoto – Click photo to visit Nourish )

NOTE- This post was written when the blog was known as gracieandjess.com ~ Written by Jess + @gracielovekin

Jess – Oh my goodness were we in for a treat! I’ll be honest, I hardly go to a spa. I don’t know why! But with that being said I am going to commit myself to get a facial every season. My esthetician was Kendra & let me tell you…she was so good! She thoroughly looked over my skin I assume to see all my problematic areas & to figure out my skin type.

First you lay on a warm bed which is all snuggly! She then starts applying the cleanser. I should also mention, before you enter the room you fill out a form with any skin issues, allergies, what type of products you typically like…that way the whole experience is perfectly tailored to you what you like!

It’s hard to put it into words. I think a big part of the unique experience is someone touching your face. Think about it. When was the last time someone touched your face and massaged it?

Back to Kendra, my aesthetician explained each step along the way which I found super helpful since I’m curious about the products she was using. Mid facial I even had the thought, “Could I teach my husband how to do this?” Ugh I wish!

Photo by @matandsaraliketophoto

Kendra even made some extractions. That’s just a fancy way of saying she popped my pimples! Although I’m sure you knew that. It felt really good to have a professional look over your skin & tell you what you need. I don’t know about you but I’m always looking for skincare products. Here’s the catch, I never know what my skin really needs, which is why I’m always looking and guessing. Skin changes so much too! Nourish Boutique carries Eminence Organic Skincare. It’s a huge line of organic skincare! No really, they have a whole wall full of these amazing products! Since your skin can change each season, not to mention along with stress, hormones, & I’m sure many other annoying reasons that effect your skin, this line of skincare has you covered! That’s what is so great about it. You can hop around from product to product depending on what your skin needs!

I asked Kendra how often we should be getting facials done. I said, “Like every month or so?” Probably just because it felt beyond amazing! She recommended to get a facial done every change of season. Which totally makes sense! We get our hair done every so often, we visit the dentist, we get an oil change done on our cars…so why wouldn’t we get a seasonal facial for our skin?!

( photo by @matandsaraliketophoto – Click photo to see the facial packages )

After the treatment they give you a cute little card that states everything that they used on your face and they list their top 3 recommendations. Mine were cleanse AM + PM, exfoliate & masque 3x a week! Kendra told me I had combination skin & I was able to ask her what products she would recommend for my specific skin type! She choose the Snow Mushroom + Reishi Masque. I’ve been using it for two weeks now & I love it! I really noticed the clay ingredient in it really remove a lot of my impurities. You can even leave this masque on over night for optimal results! Another product I picked up was the Snow Mushroom Moisture Cloud Eye Cream. I absolutely LOVE this eye cream! My under eye area can be pretty dry at times. Since they feel dry I noticed the fine lines start to creep in and since using this eye cream I can feel the difference!

Once I use the rest of my products from my “old skincare routine” I’m going to visit Nourish again & get the full Eminence routine! I seriously can’t wait! Make sure to checkout Nourish Boutique Spa you won’t be disappointed!

I’m just going to throw this out there…maybe next time we should try waxing & write about our experience! I personally have some horrible / funny waxing stories. I also would like to say…I feel genuinely so grateful for all the experiences we have had since starting our blog. Back in June 2019 when it was just an idea we had no idea it would turn into this! Thank you to everyone who supports our passion for sharing. It seriously means so much!

Grace – I don’t know what I was expecting, but I wasn’t expecting the professionalism and knowledge that Amanda, my aesthetician brought to my experience at Nourish. She was so calm and provided the most soothing and relaxing experience. I think I almost fell asleep at one point.

I think Jess said it, “when was the last time someone touched your face like that?” Not only does the act of someone touching and massaging beautifully scented concoctions onto your skin feel so freaking amazing, those intoxicating scented oils, scrubs and hot towels are actually improving your skin tone and in some cases repairing past issues.

Since I’ve gotten older, I’ve become a skincare addict. Always looking for the best results, trying all the new trends and products, only to ever really find one or two product from a line that actually works for me.

Eminence is an organic skincare line made in Canada (read that part again, I’ll wait). Can you even understand how crazy amazing that is? AND, best part, it works. It’s effective. It’s worth every single penny.

Photo by @matandsaraliketophoto

I was gifted, (and Jess and I are so freaking thankful for our products and the treatments) the Birch Water Purifying Essence which is used after I cleanse in the AM & PM but before I put on my moisturizer. It detoxifies the skin and tones it before I apply ALL the layers of makeup and powders.

I also tried the Lotus Detoxifying Overnight Treatment which does exactly what it says it does! Detoxifies. It draws impurities to the surface, thus giving me MORE giant pimples to deal with. But, I am (for the first time in my life) happy that they’re being worked out of my system. I have done the mask twice and twice, I have seen not only impurities removed but my overall skin texture has improved dramatically.

LOL! This picture makes me laugh! Whatever she was doing in this photo was so incredible!

Nourish Spa is not like any other spa I’ve ever experienced. It isn’t like a day spa where they rush you in and out, it’s a different experience than going to someone’s home spa for a treatment, it is truly a friendly, relaxed environment where you are free to chat with your neighbours (before the facials, because they are in private, quiet and cozy rooms), browse their merchandise (all Canadian makers and brands) while sipping warm tea or cold fresh water.

I am beyond impressed at the level that Nourish operates. They believe in being not only a organic spa, but a very clean one too. They have very strict cleaning protocols because owner, Cristol, used to see and treat patients with foot fungus and other preventable diseases caused by unhygienic spa treatments. When she opened Nourish in Cobourg, she took her experience and made sure that her staff live up to the highest standard of cleanliness within the spa walls.

I know Jess and I can’t wait to head back in the spring for our next seasonal facial. If you’d like to go and experience the Forest Facial at Nourish, tell them that Gracie and Jess sent you! Or give the gift of a facial to a tired Mama or hardworking woman (or man!) that deserves and hour + of peace and pampering. They have gift certificates available now for purchase!

Thank you so much to our new friends at Nourish Boutique. We were completely blown away at your hospitality and generosity.

Final thought: I keep thinking, I can’t believe our little town has a business like Nourish in it! Aren’t these types of experiences supposed to happen in the city?!

Gracie and Jess

All photos by the lovely @matandsaraliketophoto

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