little blue house –

may have the cutest pjs on the face of the earth

PJ’s by Little Blue House
Photo by: @matandsaraliketophoto

NOTE- This post was written when the blog was known as ~ Written by Jess + @gracielovekin

First can I say that Little Blue House really made us feel like bloggers. We approached them with a kind and simple email and asked if they wanted to collaborate. We offered to pay for product to wear and review, and they responded with, “no worries, it’s on us!” Jess and I were speechless! Free product? That is just crazy!

Both Jess and I had always been long time fans of the brand Hatley, which is Little Blue House’s “sister” brand. We didn’t even realize Hatley had another brand/branch called Little Blue House. Once we found that out, we were instantly in love!

We originally reached out because we had an awesome reaction (on IG) to our Christmas shoot with Sara from the dynamic photo duo, Mat & Sara while wearing their Hatley lumberjack/moose pj’s. So this collaboration was a match made in PJ heaven.

Hatley and Little Blue House are Canadian brands that just scream Canadiana! Not only are the designs truly Canadian, they also have the softest, best quality pj’s my kids (and I!) have ever worn. My kids have been wearing Hatley pj’s since they were babies, so I’ve been a fan of the brand for well over 10 years now!

If you’re looking to style a matchy-matchy PJ picture for Christmas, look no further! Hatley and Little Blue House is your one stop shop! They have adult men’s, women’s and kids pj’s that are great quality that you’ll want to wear all year long!

And great news! We just found out that they have an awesome 50% off Black Friday Sale happening right now!

Click the picture and head right to their site!

Our favourite pair by Little Blue House, for every day wear, were the creamy-white two piece set that had mini black bears all over them. They are the softest combed cotton and totally machine washable. See our super fun shoot out-takes below!

Sourcing and supporting Canadian brands is so important, now, more than ever! With access to almost anything you want and need over the internet, it’s easy to choose cheaper options, which often compromise on quality and have to travel a long way to get to you, also affecting our environment. When you decide to shop local and support Canadian business, the saying is true, they do a little happy dance. And it gets to your mail box wayyyy faster!

Enjoy online shopping tomorrow and please choose Canadian!

Gracie + Jess

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