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a razor by Well Kept.

NOTE- This post was written when the blog was known as ~ Written by Jess + @gracielovekin

Jess – Honestly I don’t even remember how I came across this razor. What I do know is that it appealed to me, ALOT! The aesthetic, it’s simply stunning! I loved the classic design & the fact that it is supposed to give you a closer shave really appealed to me! Oh & the razor claimed to reduce irritation. So I decided to go for it. Add to cart.

Let me tell you this razor is absolutely amazing! At first I was a little scared to shave with it because of the one blade design. But it really is no different than using the razor you’re currently using! It’s super easy! You may want to go a little slower at first to get the hang of the weight of this razor but other then that there is nothing you need to be worried about.

I purchased the shave oil made by Well Kept, it’s one of their products offered for sale on line and in store at Nourish Spa in Cobourg, Ontario. I apply the oil before I start shaving & I personally find it really helps with my shave! Plus is leaves my skin super soft!

Bikini line magic! My bikini line is a problem area for me. I have sensitive skin so I’m always having some kind of irritation! Razor bumps suck! Since using this razor my bumps have been minimal. It defiantly has done all the things it’s claimed to do!

The only down side I would say…is if you shave your whole “area” (if you know what I mean), it is difficult to get in all the areas without feeling like you’re going to cut your parts off! YIKES! I don’t know if I just have to get more comfortable with it but for now I just use it on my bikini line & on days when I feel like getting rid of all the hair down there I use my old razor!

Other than me getting better at shaving sensitive areas, I’ve been loving this razor & wouldn’t think of going back to using a regular razor. I am super happy with this purchase! If you’re thinking of trying it for yourself, do it! And, please let me know your thoughts!

@gracielovekin – So, I totes copied Jess. It’s pink, vintage looking and a Canadian product. Then I found out it was creating less waste. Umm, ya. It didn’t take me long to get on board.

And then another miracle happened, Nourish Spa sells them and they had three different colours in stock. (Slams car door and peels out of driveway). I purchased the pink colour, a package of razor blades (just the silver blades, you change them on your razor yourself!) and the shaving oil. It cost just over $100CAD for all three things. It was money well spent! When you add up the amount of pink disposable razors I’ve purchased over the years, this upfront cost even when you calculate the additional packs of razors I will have to continue to purchase, it is peanuts!

Here’s why I spent the dough:

If everyone in Vancouver discarded one razor cartridge a week it would equate to approximately 2497 tonnes per year – that’s equivalent to 379 garbage trucks. That’s just Vancouver! You can imagine how quickly that number grows when you consider all of Canada, North America or even the world. A seemingly tiny object we use briefly and toss away has dire consequences when you consider the global scale. Our solution:

the safety razor

Words stolen from Kept Well’s website, this is an excellent point. And, let’s be honest with ourselves, how often do we find an “old” disposable razor in the bottom of a drawer or in the shower cady and look at it and think, “a new one would be better”? We most often would throw a perfectly good razor away because a new one will have a better shave.

We have to stop thinking about disposable items as convenient and start thinking about how awful they are to the environment. We should reuse and USE our current items to the best of their abilities before throwing them away. I don’t even want to think about the waste I’ve created shaving my legs unknowingly.

Image from

Jess is completely right in her review of the razor. The shave is incredible. INCREDIBLE. The heavy weight of the razor (it will feel heavy!) allows for a smooth and close shave that my legs have never experienced. The oil is a perfect companion, I wouldn’t shave without it. If you’re super crafty and love natural oils, making your own oil blend would be very easy!

The result is amazing. The impact on the environment is small and you will save money by switching. Go, go now! Order online or stop by Nourish Spa, like today after work! Or, ask Santa!

Follow Well Kept on IG: @keepwellkept and Nourish Boutique Spa @nourishboutiquespa

One response to “safety razor review”

  1. thank you ladies for the review! so happy you are loving your razors 🙂

    as for shaving the lady parts… I recommend the ‘squat and shave’ as it pulls the skin taught so you can get the razor in there. If you’re not down for squatting and shaving, sitting on the edge of the tub or literally on the floor of the shower can help you to literally spread ’em and get in there lol
    more tips on our blog as well –


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