home décor + party = OMGeee

NOTE- This post was written when the blog was known as gracieandjess.com ~


Jess – I met the owner of CASA ALMA while doing a pop up shop back when I used to own a women’s online clothing store. Elizabeth & I connected over both being small business owners. Let me tell you. . . this beautiful human is a gem! She stocks her shop space with trendy home decor items that make you want to just swipe your card over & over again! If you’re curious her shop in shop is located inside Home Hardware in Port Hope, Ontario. (177 Toronto Rd) You must go visit if you are in the area!

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This is always my first stop whenever I want to update anything in my home. I’ll make any excuse to stop by. I need a new pillow even though I already have way too many! Maybe a new photo to hang on a wall or a cute gift for a friend! Whatever it is CASA ALMA is the place I go!

When it comes to home styling I love finding pieces that are on trend / unique. In my home all my walls are white so I like to add colour & texture in my home decor items. I’ve found so many good pieces at CASA ALMA & so has my Mom! Actually, my Mom recently bought two amazing chairs with cute faux fur pillows. She also got a faux plant that my brother fell in love with while we were shopping! Visit my Instagram page @jessmarriette I have it saved to my “shop” highlight.

If you’re lucky you may spot Elizabeth there! She pops in from time to time. That’s personally what I love about the whole shop in shop, shopping experience (say that 5 times fast) It’s so easy & you can shop some of her products online! Whenever you do catch Elizabeth in store she is super helpful with any questions you may have. Even if she’s not there, you could message her via Instagram & she will answer your questions! In my opinion you get the best of both worlds when it comes to your shopping experience.

While we have your attention, we just want to let you know about the party that is happening at Home Hardware in Port Hope. It’s the official launch of CASA ALMA and also a fabulous girls night!!! We are looking forward to this fun event! They’ll be giveaways, bubbly drinks, music and a deals! Make sure to tell your friends & mark it down on your calendars. We’d love to see you there!

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