the best day ever – 08.11.18

Photo by @matandsaraliketophoto

I was never a little girl that dreamed of her wedding day. So when it came to my wedding I was pretty laid back. I got married at Whispering Springs – A wilderness retreat that has glamping safari tents! This venue made our wedding & I loved the atmosphere. Our wedding was the second wedding they ever had, so the whole experience was awesome for us because we were so down to earth about the wedding planning experience that it somehow came together perfectly! Here’s what we did for our wedding –

We were able to book the venue for the whole weekend! Friday night we had a potluck style dinner which actually worked out so great. I loved being able to see friends & family! We had a bonfire & were able to socialize with everyone who wanted to show up that night.

Saturday was the big day! While the bridal party was getting ready our guests were able to enjoy the pool or take a nice morning walk. I loved that this venue allowed for our guests to actually enjoy their weekend as well as take part in our wedding. My husband & I both felt that was a huge plus!

I gave my bridesmaids the option of getting their hair done professionally because I didn’t want to force them to have to spend the money if they didn’t want to. Pretty well all of them came with me to the salon & then we all went back to my place to do our makeup! I had one of my bridesmaids do my makeup since she was way more talented then me. I only am good a minimal makeup looks & for my wedding I really wanted to look like myself but still have somewhat of a dramatic look! The whole getting ready process was great. We were all comfortable & we were able to eat / just chill before the days festivities started!

Once we were all ready we headed back to the venue & continued getting dressed in our glamping tent! One thing I did want to touch on is my bridesmaids gifts. I really wanted to get my girls things that were going to be useful! I ended up getting them a Smash + Tess Romper – I got them a grey one & I wore a light pink one. They were great for getting ready in because it wouldn’t ruin your hair or makeup! Another thing I thought would be useful was a Yeti Tumbler – I got everyone a white one because I figured we could have are tea / coffee in it the next morning! I got everyone a Routine Cream Natural Deodorant – I just picked scents based on each girl. All of my bridesmaids loved it! I honestly don’t know why I got them deodorant but I knew it was something they would use. Here’s a random one. . . My favourite underwear! I love the Mula Bandhawear Thong by Lululemon. Again I know that is so random! The last thing I got them was a typical silky robe from Etsy. They were cheap but looked good in photos! I wanted to think outside the box for our getting ready outfits so that’s why I ended up going with a Smash + Tess Romper but my bridesmaids ended up wearing both! Overall I think they all liked the useful gifts & I personally wanted to make sure that I spoiled them since they were willingly spending money on the various bridesmaids things that come along with a wedding!

I told my bridesmaids to pick a natural colour dress of their choice! I felt bad making them spend money on my wedding day so I wanted to make sure they actually liked their dress / could wear it again! I am so happy it turned out the way it did & the girls loved the fact that they could pick what they wanted! My husband also did the same for his groomsmen. They just wore a suit they had & it surprisingly looked great as well! We just had our bridesmaids / groomsmen pair up to walk down the aisle & then they sat down near the front. I had my Brother beside me since he was my man of honour & Brett had his Dad stand beside him! I really liked how simple we kept it. All of our friends were comfortable because they didn’t have to just stand there! Since our wedding wasn’t super fancy or traditional I thought it suited the venue / the overall vibe!

Everyone says enjoy your wedding day & make sure to take in as many special moments as you can. I made sure to take a moment to look around & take it all in but honestly I feel like it’s hard to truly enjoy your wedding day! It doesn’t even feel real – I thought I was going to ugly cry since I am a cryer but I didn’t shed one tear! Not even one! I think there was just so many emotions I was just numb. I don’t even know! Looking back my wedding was honestly the best day ever & I love looking at the photos / video we have. It brings all the feels!

We got married in the forest chapel which made for the most beautiful photos! As for decor I kept everything pretty simple. I didn’t even decorate the forest chapel, they had a photoshoot done at the venue during the week before my wedding so they asked if we wanted to use what they had & so we obviously said sure! Might as well since I didn’t do any kind of decorating in the forest.

As for the table settings I kept those very simple! I just bought milk glass vases from the second hand store & got some others from The Local Bloom – She did all of our flowers & I was so happy with how everything turned out. Looking back the table settings were the only part of my wedding where I could of done a better job but honestly we weren’t in there for dinner too long so it’s not a huge deal! We did all the decor / flowers for pretty cost effective price!

For dinner we did burgers, salad & a baked potato bar! We had 3 options for burgers – Beef, chicken, & veggie! I figured people could customize their meal depending on what they liked! They could do a full on burger topped with all the toppings or chicken with salad! We also used plastic plates & cutlery provided by the caterers ( Katch’s Korner ) They also did a charcuterie board which we had around 12pm since we got married at 2pm. We had a late night taco meal at 11pm & I heard they were really good! I didn’t have any. . . I seriously wish I did!

Time to party! We didn’t go with a DJ because we didn’t feel it was needed. We rented speakers & a mic – I made a bunch of wedding playlists on Spotify! Then we just assigned one of our bridal party members to play each playlist at the correct times! For example I had a ceremony playlist with one song in it, first dance playlist also had one song, & the dance party playlist had music for the rest of the night! This worked out so well & I really don’t regret not having a DJ. We were able to customize the playlist according to the music we liked & music our guests would love to dance too! Plus we saved a lot of money which was a bonus!

Well that’s the just of it! My advice to other brides is to just chill! Whatever happens on your special day will be meant to be & you’ll end up looking back on that day with lots a great memories, & maybe some laughs!

Here’s our wedding video!

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    1. Thank you so much! ❤ – Jess


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