hair (do you) care?

Sharing what we do in the shower!

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Jess: A lot of ladies ask me if I have any secrets on how to get long luscious hair! Hate to break it to ya but there is no secret! In high school I used to take biotin which is suppose to help with your hair, skin, and nails. But I didn’t notice anything so I stopped taking it!

I only wash my hair realistically like 2 times a week. I think that has helped my hair to be healthier and certainly is less maintenance! When I do wash it I use purple shampoo to take the yellowness out of my blonde (once a week) & I use the Cherry Almond shampoo from Aveda. It’s a nice light shampoo that works well for my hair!

For conditioner I also use one from Aveda called Damage Remedy Restructuring Conditioner. The price point for both of these products are higher but they honestly last me pretty well a year or close to it with the amount of times I wash my hair!

As far as styling…I always let me hair air dry! I rarely style my hair with heat. I feel like my hair type is pretty low maintenance which I’m so thankful for!

Genetics play a huge role in your hair! ( Disclaimer I am not a genetic scientist. I actually have no clue how genes work! ) My Mom has SUPER THICK hair! So thick she has to get it thinned out. When she got married to my Dad her hair was butt length. True story! My Dad has thick hair too. My hair isn’t as thick as my Mom’s so I’m thinking it’s more similar to my Dad’s. It’s safe to say I’m blessed with good hair! (not in a bragging way)

Another question I get a lot is how I keep my blonde hair healthy! I was born with blonde hair not white blonde but like an ashy blonde. So naturally my hair is a light/medium tone. Probably now closer to a medium tone if I’m being completely honest! I usually get a full head of highlights & then I get my hair dresser to tone it ashy. Since the ends of my hair are the lightest I notice my hair dresser leaves them out of the highlights so I think that saves my hair! Right? LOL! All I know is that I’m pretty low maintenance when it comes to my hair & I think that’s the trick to healthy hair!

But ultimately you have to do what works for you and your hair type! I get my hair done @merakihairlove ~

@gracielovekin – Oh dear, hair care. My stylist, Andrea, is going to read this and laugh. Well, before I “Chopped it, like it’s hot” (aka had her cut ALL my hair off) at Meraki Salon in Cobourg, I barely saw her. My stylist. I literally saw her twice a year.

Thank goodness ombre/balayage is a thing because it let this Mom of three get away with not colouring all the time and yet still pulling off being a “blonde”. I’m not really a true blonde, shocking I know! I’m not really a brunette either. I’m stuck some where between the two, which I call “mouse grey”. But, I have one of those skin tones that can handle being brunette or blonde. Lucky, I guess!?

I have/had super thick hair. Since having kids, I’ve lost buckets full. Moms, you know exactly what I mean…chunks clogging up the shower, wrapped around your kids toes or fingers and even baked into muffins! The loss was real and gross for anyone living with me. Now, I call my hair full bodied.

Since my hair is still relatively thick and curly (not wavy, full on curl) I can use thicker conditioners, which help tame the frizz. My favourite hair mask is cheap in price, and called Maui. Made by Johnson and Johnson, they are silicon free, paraben free, sulphate free, vegan hair masks that are affordable and so good!

My other favourite shampoo and conditioner is one that I won in a Christmas giveaway, called Goldwell Rich Repair. And boy did I need it! It’s like washing my hair with heaven! And since I cut my hair, my shampoo and conditioner last so much longer because I use so much less of it. I wash my hair a few times a week and alternate using Goldwell and a brand called Luseta, which I find at Winners. I opt for the purple shampoo because when used occasionally, it brightens up my blond so I don’t have to see my stylist every month! Check out my stylist and her team at Meraki Hair Salon on IG: @merakihairlove

Here’s a photo of my hair looking amazing! Photo by: @saraandmatliketophoto

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